The Women's Page. [five issues]

San Francisco: the newspaper, 1970-71. Five issues of the tabloid format newspaper, evenly toned, generally very good; issues present are 1, 2, "Supplement no. 3" (this one with a piece torn off at the top margin, not reaching text), 4, and 5. Unsure if number three is the regular issue or a supplement to it.

Discussion of feminist activism and daily life in the San Francisco area. An article in no. 2 starkly criticizes an art show at SF State as sexist (it involved two named "hip men of the art department" painting on the nude bodies of women, whom they then chased around in a performance piece); an editorial criticizes corporate child care, while a long interior article criticizes the "prison guards" who stultify the women's movement.

Cat.No: 190513

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