Humanity first. [Two issues: vol. 1, no. 3 (July, 1920) and vol. 1 no. 4 (April 1921)]

Xenia IL: The Live and Let Live League, 1920, 1921. Two issues of the newsletter, pp. 13-16 and 17-18 (the latter being a single sheet printed both sides), 9x12 inches. No. 4 has edge chipping, not reaching the text.

"The orderly evolution of society can be secured only by the abolition of interest" - from the masthead. The newsletter was devoted to bringing an end to all forms of interest on loans, bank accounts, and other economic instruments. No. 4 is largely devoted to portions of "The Poet in the Desert," a poem by Charles Erskine Scott Wood, heralded here as "Poet laureate of the Revolution."

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