Dyke Action Machine! We'll bust your balls [handbill]. Sue Schaffner, Carrie Moyer.

Dyke Action Machine! We'll bust your balls [handbill]

New York: Public Art Militia of the Lesbian Nation, [1996]. 8.5x11 inch sheet with satirical ads, an art piece by the duo that was printed and handed out or pasted to walls in 1996 NYC. Very good.

"Revenge is a phone call away!" Items for sale are 'The Man Stopper,' a rolling pin printed with the words OUT! DAM! SCUM!; a mug with a male chalk outline and trageted genitalia ("removable handle activates grenade";, and a "Dyke Action Machine" matchbook illustrated with a screaming man-hater. At the bottom are ads to cut out urging heterosexual men to sign up at the Valerie Solanas Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality, and another for lesbian women to call a number and hear straight men being humiliated. This project arose out of Queer Nation.

Cat.No: 188974

Price: $25.00