Bourdonis et Mintonis; Exequiae Extremae Tristesque ad Pyram / Pompa funerea et tristis crematio

[Berkeley]: Students of the University of California, April / June, 1893. Two items, each a single standard leaf printed and folded to make a 4-panel 8.5x5.5 inch program, each text in mangled Latin (but variant mistakes), funereally black-bordered and illustrated with macabre drawings. Back covers condescend to convey, in English, new lyrics to such songs as "There Is a Tavern in the Town" and "Clementine". First item has a transverse crease and is otherwise good; the second has also a vertical crease and is markedly dust- and handling-soiled. Both represent the Class of '96, one for the month of "Aprilis," one for "Junii"

At the end of certain school periods or intervals the students of UC observed a ceremony (based on Yale's version) which included speeches, processions and readings culminating in the burning and burial of the ashes of the textbooks by Bourdon and Minton. These are two different programs from two sequential celebrations.

Cat.No: 188958

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