How the Soviet Union helps Spain. Harry Gannes.

How the Soviet Union helps Spain

New York: Workers Library Publishers, 1936. 47p., 5x7.5 inches, stapled, edgeworn, pictorial wraps; personal copy of Joe Brandt, with signature and date of 1936 on front cover, a printed label pasted to the cover stating "This book is no orphan, please don't adopt it" with "Brandt" penciled in underneath, and a rubberstamp with similar sentiment inside the front cover.

Brandt was a Communist Party secretary charged with cementing political discipline within the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. According to Peter Carroll in "The Odyssey of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade," Brandt was something of a target for playful ire over tiresome classes about the ideology of the Popular Front, etc., and he quotes (pp. 195-196) a ditty written about Brandt by Morris Maken, known as Mickenberg: "My name is Joe Brandt / And I run a herring stand / On Delancey Street / Right over Grant; / I'm battalion party organizer / Chief activist activizer / I'll be a soldado / When the masses get wiser / Workers of the world, goodnight!"

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