Bulletin of the Marxist Policy Committee, vol. 1, no. 6. Special Convention issue (28 December 1937)

Chicago: Marxist Policy Committee, 1937. Pamphlet. 5, 4p., self-wraps, paper browned, somewhat crudely mimeographed, 8.5x11 inches. OCLC shows only one holding at Hoover (as of 7/2014) of this "for members only" sectarian gem. Led by C. Becket who later joined Oehler's group; other members later founded the Revolutonary Marxist League.

"This convention is the battleground of Marxism against Centrism. All fine shadings, all personalities, all organizational questions recede before the central struggle of the revolutionary line of the MPC against the centrist line of Trotsky-Cannon." - p. 1. The second section is on the situation in China, with a call for a revolutionary party, for Soviets, and for independent militias.

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