Act: the RITA's newsletter. [two issues: nos. 3 and 10]. RITA, Resisters Inside the Army, Jean Paul Sartre.

Act: the RITA's newsletter. [two issues: nos. 3 and 10]

Paris: the newsletter, 1968, 1971. Two issues of the newsletter, no. 3 a single 8x10.75 inch sheet printed both sides, fold-creased and evenly toned, small corner tear (no text lost), minor pen notes including an estimate of how many copies were printed; no. 10 is 8.25x12.25 inches in four-panel brochure format, horizontal fold crease, date penned under title.

Advice for US soldiers in Europe thinking of deserting or otherwise resisting the war in Vietnam. Several cartoons and a photo of GI resister Dick Perrin being interviewed by Stokely Carmichael. The contact address for no. 3 is Jean Paul Sartre, BP 130, Paris 14, France (he allowed his PO box to be used by the organization and had his secretary deliver the incoming letters to the activists who published the newsletter).

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