[Three documents related to struggles at Music and Arts High School]

New York: Black Security Council, 1969. Three documents, including an 8.5x11 inch handbill; "We, the Black students of the High School of Music and Art, (in the interest of the school and community) upon recognizing the hypocrisy of the educational system, do formulate these demands;" and two 8.5x14 inch packets of three pages each, "Memo: to the Youth Congress, afiliate groups and supporters... communique no. 1" and another simply addressed to "Students and community people." The Communique has red pencil underlining throughout and is rather foxed, the others having only occasional red pencil underlining.

Documents reflect a battle with administration to create more Third World-centric courses taught by "teachers who can directly relate to the experiences of the Black population." Incidents described include a mass refusal to stand during the pledge of allegiance. After being told it was illegal to refuse, the students stood the next time- but gave the Black power salute. The administration directed teachers to record participants in this protest, which led to fears that the students would be expelled and thus brought to the attention of the draft board. Music & Art graduated numerous prominent musicians, actors and artists.

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