The incomparable Mr. Harvey Lee delineator of the divine feminine (7 publicity photos)

Portland, OR & New York: Western Theatrical Agency & James J. Kriegsmann, [1940s-1960s]. Photograph. 7 8x10 inch b&w publicity photos, 6 are duplicates of 3 different pictures, wear and staining good only.

Two shots are a composites with a center head shot of Lee as a man and the four shots surrounding him as his different characters. There are shots of Lee as an older performer, perhaps in the 1960s. One of him in a dramatic pose in fabulous evening gown and one of him in the same gown and pose but accompanied by his Borzoi Nikki. Lee was born in Arkansas in 1912 and began his career in D.C. and became fairly famous traveling to Europe, NYC and the West Coast. He was offered a role as a femme fatale in the film "The City Slicker" and in his later years performed at SF's Finocchio's. He was troubled by tuberculosis throughout his career and died in Arkansas in 1992.

Cat.No: 187533

Price: $35.00