[Two handbills]

San Francisco: DUP, [1973]. Two 8.5x11 inch handbills, both with date penned at upper right corner, otherwise very good. One shows a veteran being weighed down by a bad conduct discharge on his back.

The DUP was an effort to help veterans appeal their discharges to improve their future prospects. "We get 'bad' discharges from the service due to racism; because we spoke out against the war; or because we spoke out against bad living conditions. We might not have gone along with the authoritarianism of the US military; or to escape all these things we might have done a lot of dope or gone AWOL and finally got busted for that. For this we are penalized for the rest of our lives..." The second handbill advertises classes on dealing with bad discharges, held at St. Peters Church and law offices as part of the Peoples Law School.

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