Disarm 1973

Washington DC: Americans for National Security, [1965]. Six-panel brochure, very good. Cover depicts an outline of the US in chains, with an Asiatic UN stormtrooper standing guard over it; on the inside is a cartoon of a stereotypical African savage with a bone in his hair, "UNO" painted on his chest, danging the severed head of a white pacifist over a boiling cauldron with a hammer and sickle on its side, holding a knife that says "Made in USA."

Argues that the US State Department is surrendering national defense to the UN, with the ultimate goal of complete disarmament by 1973. This would place us at the mercy of UN forces with a history, we are told, of barbarism and cannibalism. Undated, but the 1965 congressional term is mentioned as upcoming.

Cat.No: 187317

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