Los Angeles Free Press; volume 4 issue #179, December 22-28,1967. "JFK Assassin in Dallas Sewer?" "Photos Reveal New Evidence, Garrison says;" "Controversy over nark shooting of Laguna youth;" "Antiwar march melee averted;" "Mike McClure --Rhrahrr;" "Joe Pyne Buys Ad in FP;" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1967. Newspaper. 32p., complete in one section; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper; toned paperstock, a good copy. Inside find "Gov. Ronnie and college board overkill Summerskill;" "Bishop Pike talk at Irvine" with portrait photo; an interview of Robert Scheer of Ramparts Magazine by Paul Eberle of the FP; substantial reviews of Jefferson Airplane and Blue Cheer rock bands; an interview with Mort Sahl; and many pages devoted to Garrison's investigation.

Two Dealey Plaza photos on front page were taken by Free Press reporters and may not be readily available to the research community; a 4x3 inch reproduction shows a FP journalist "entering storm drain. Drain opening is located behind the picket fence;" and a 4x2 inch shows Elm "as viewed from inside the storm drain" (this photo is partially stained with pale yellow, should reproduce OK).

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