Los Angeles Free Press; volume 4 issue #175, November 24-December 1, 1967. "Blow-Up!! November 22, 1963, turn to back page, Is This One of the Kennedy Assassins?" "Why Doesn't this 'Moorman Photo' Appear as a Warren Commission Exhibit?" "Creativity in Watts;" "Theatre: Where Is It Now?" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1967. Newspaper. 32p., complete in one section; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper; toned paperstock, good copy. Inside find "Venice H.Q. Is Bombed" [a community self-help group]; "L.A. Underground Filmamakers on the Move;" and Elliot Mintz's analysis of The Sunset Strip Rebellion now one year in the past. The materials on the Moorman and Wilma Bond photos of Dealey Plaza run four full pages.

The "Theatre where is is now" story is by Arthur Ross, a lament that live stage in L.A. is in the doldrums.

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