[Group of 16 different items in support of the Shining Path guerrillas in Peru]

Berkeley; San Francisco, etc. CSRP, 1992-1995. Sixteen different items, mostly 8.5x11 inch photocopied leaflets and informational packets, produced by Bay Area supporters of Sendero Luminoso, together with a small number or related items published by supporters elsewhere. All post-date the imprisonment of Chairman Gonzalo; they include announcements of talks and film presentations, updates on efforts by legal groups and human rights activists, and organizational nuts and bolts. Generally good to very good, with some items folded, worn or poorly copied.

There was significant overlap between the CSRP and the Revolutionary Communist Party; the organizer cited on some of these documents is Heriberto Ocasio. Other titles such as "The International Emergency Committee to Defend the Life of Dr. Abimael Guzman" represent the same leadership.

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