Los Angeles Free Press; volume 4 issue #173, November 10-17, 1967. "God is an Eight Year-Old Girl;" "Ex-Gov. Wallace: 'If we could let the police run this country for two years the streets would be safe...';" "Black, lily whites greet Alabaman on campaign tour;" UCLA demonstrators block job recruiter from Dow;" "Mounties Back draft Avoiders;" "Mintz Meets LBJ;" "Doors Album Incredible;" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1967. Newspaper. 32p., complete in one section; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper; toned paperstock, good copy. Inside find: "Protestor Immolates His arm" [burned patches of his skin with napalm]; "Gunshot just misses Kennedy death witness;" "Ghetto community responds peacefully to police raid;" "Chicano militant leader [Corky Gonzales] pushes 'Brown Power';" Expatriate director [Melvin van Peebles] brings it all home"

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