The Crisis in China

New York: Harper, 1900. v, 271p., very good hardcover, folded map intact.

Discussion of the Boxer Rebellion and its circumstances. Contents include: Causes of anti-foreign feeling in China, by George B. Smyth. -- The powers and the partition of China, by Rev. Gilbert Reid. -- The struggle for reform in China, by Charles Johnston. -- Political possibilities in China, by John Barret. -- The gathering of the storm, by Robert E. Lewis. -- The Far Eastern crisis, by Archibald R. Colquhoun. -- The Great Siberian railway, by M. Mikhailoff. -- China and the powers, by Rear Admiral Lord Charles Beresford. -- Mutual helpfulness between China and the United States, by His Excellency Wu Ting-Fang. -- America's share in a partition of China, by Demestrius C. Boulger. -- America's interests in China, by General James H. Wilson. -- The American policy in China, by the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles W. Dilke.

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