Los Angeles Free Press; volume 4 issue #166, September 22-28, 1967. "Mystery Man Sought in JFK Murder;" "The Whites: A Clown Show" (using Genet's 'Blacks: A Clown Show' to interpret Chicago New Politics conference); "Leary Turns On To Les Crane;" "Janis Joplin freaks out Monterey audience;" "Lenny Bruce Film Review;" "Snooping: March to Paranoia;" "Dirty Movies, Pallid Patrons" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1967. Newspaper. 24p., complete in one section; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper; toned, edgeworn, good copy. Inside find "Russ Lack of Freedom Overrated" (Frances Troy with movie camera and tape recorder in the USSR); "Woodrose" (potential psychedelic); "Jazz Flutist Paul Horn Digs Master Maharishi;" "Synanon Plans Counters to Santa Monica Fuzz Raid;" and a number of film and soul/blues articles. FYI, the 'mystery man' is the epileptic in Dealey Plaza who disappeared after a possibly-faked seizure.

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