San Francisco crusader: no. 46, July 1977

San Francisco: Gay Crusader of America (GLA), 1977. Newspaper. 20p. folded tabloid newspaper, photos, ads, classifieds, directory of services, features, columns, reviews, slightly toned otherwise very good on newsprint.

This issue features a letter from and article on Supervisor John Barbagelata and his denial of anti-gay stance. Also Anita Bryant and the Klan. Coors Beer boycotts. Also known as San Francisco Gay Crusader, Gay Crusader and Crusader. The Reverend Ray Broshears was a radical gay activist and Evangelist who was a minister for the Metropolitan Community Church, helped organize the first Christopher Street West Gay Pride Day, was a roommate of David Ferrie (of JFK fame) Founded Helping Hand in SF, the gay vigilante group The Lavender Panthers, and was photographed by The Advocate brandishing a shotgun in front of the church.

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