Christendom. April, 1967

Lexington, KY: The Oratory, 1967. 20p., staplebound wraps, very good. Single issue of the monthly publication by the orthodox Catholic group opposed to Vatican II, affiliated with the Athanasian Society.

Includes advice on how to engage in civil disobedience over the changing of the Communion (kneel to accept it and refuse to stand when the priest asks); sighs over the perversion of children by the new Catholic textbooks and suggests it would be better to take them out of church schools and send them to "pagan" public schools; lamentation about usurious economics, the "yellow peril," Catholic publications admiring Martin Luther King Jr., and other corruption within the church. Several farcical articles describing fictitious church groups involved in "do-good" work such as promoting busing, miscegenation, and other modern evils.

Cat.No: 185691

Price: $18.00