The workers monthly. A combination of the Labor Herald, Liberator, and Soviet Russia Pictorial. Vol.4, no. 2, December 1924

Chicago: The Daily Worker Society, 1924. pp. 48-96, wraps taped along the spine (neatly done, and holding), 8.5x10.5 inches.

Includes William Z. Foster's "The significance of the elections, three stage of our labor party policy," Alfred Wagenknecht's "A visit with Sun Yat Sen," Betram D. Wolfe "Latin-America prepares for Gompers," Harrions George's "The Wobblies meet again," Jack Lee's "The Rocky Mountain miners," C.E. Ruthenberg "Is the movement towards class political action dead?" Jay Lovestone's "The big stick gets bigger," Rose Karsner's "White terror in Europe! Can America be far behind?"

Cat.No: 185378

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