Maledicta: the international journal of verbal aggression, volume I, #1 - volume XIII, 1977-2004 (complete run of 16 books)

Waukesha, WI: Maledicta Press, 1977-2005. Paperback. 13 volumes, 19 issues in 16 books, essays, articles, theory, tables, glossaries, very good complete run of the language journal from 1977 to 2004, paperbacks in orange printed wraps.

Volume numbers I-V are divided into 2 numbers each yet vol. II & V combine both numbers into one book. The rest of the volumes are complete in one book accounting for the discrepancy in count. The journal published articles, essays and histories of "secret" and "profane" languages with much homosexual material. Issue number 2 was a festschrift in honor of the passing of Gershon Legman. The final issue's introduction by Aman is a bitter rant at the failure of the venture due to lack of support from subscribers and readers and the advent of the internet.

Cat.No: 184746

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