The California Lobby This brochure is an authentic reproduction of such portions of the California Senate Journal of April 4, 1939, wherein official observation was directed to the Legislative Investigative Report submitted by Edwin N. Atherton & Associates through H. R. Philbrick..The Philbrick Report is herewith made available to facilitate consideration by the public to the practices in "Lobbying in California".

Sacramento: Premier Publications. Ltd. December 12, 1949. Paperback. Pp. 1055-1056, 1087-1152, 1104. Softbound, 8.5x5.5 inch stapled buff wraps titled in dark blue with a lobbyist caricature in black, one-page introduction followed by perhaps 65 pages of Senate Journal text in facsimile. Mild handling stain and small splash stain to covers, a very good copy. Art Samish's boodle from lobbyists; find fiscal and anecdotal data relating to taxation of chain stores, the Italian Fishermen's Protective Association [Sicilians?], horse-racing interests, oil interests, "the I.A.T.S.E. investigation," lotteries in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Hollywood film companies specifically MGM, and much more, with tables of monies received. A 'Message from the Governor' (the just-installed Culbert Olson, states that he is transmitting this report TO the legislature, believes it merits serious attention, characterizes it as a study of corruption IN the Legislature, and concludes that he "shall later recommend specific amendments."

The very last page reproduced here, p.1104, records Senator Seawell's motion "that the Senate Journal of Tuesday, April 4, be corrected by striking out the inadvertantly entered Philbrick Report.. on the ground that said report is not a public document but a prejudiced and unsupported confidential report of a private detective. Motion carried and such was the order." FYI, we have seen a different compilation of the material that was published contemporaneously with this one, author-line credit to one "James Monroe Jefferson," about sixty pages long (as this is) but illustrated from photography, political cartoons and documents in facsimile, and given the title "H. R. Philbrick Investigative Report Regarding Artie Samish." Our earlier cataloguing characterizes J.M.Jefferson's as a muddled attack on Earl Warren; during the alleged malfeasances in question Warren was California attorney general. As regards the item in hand we seen no mention of Warren, let alone preponderant mention.

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