Sail on The Islander a magazine of life, romance, adventure. Hails monthly from Jack London's home port. Vol. I No. 1 July 1934

Oakland: The Seven Seas Publishing Co. 1934. Single leaf of coated paperstock printed in blue ink and folded to make a 4p. newsletter "magazine," 8.5x5.5 inches, banner shows a three-masted clipper in silhouette. Ex library with accession and withdrawn stamps, bears some crimpings, a vertical fold, and some red-pencil emphases.

Find the editor's musings on the death of Jack London --did the negativity of his last books indicate that London was suicide-bound? "to be concluded in the August number." Find brief mention of current bestsellers: Stuart Chase on the economy, Upton Sinclair ditto, novels "Anthony Adverse" and "Mutiny on the Bounty. General topics such as spiritual blindness, professor Davidson "profound research on the Great Pyramid, ads for Gland Food, a bakery on Foothill Blvd, a pupil of Isadora Duncan now available for "concert engagements," quotations from Whitman and George Sterling.

Cat.No: 184521

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