We are all responsible: testimonies on sexual abuse in Central America

Grand Rapids: Self-published by the author, 1986. 30p. (15 8.5x11 inch sheets printed both sides) mimeographed, stapled upper left corner, folded for mailing, recipient address handwritten by Richa, 4 14 cent stamps (canceled) mild wear and toning.

Richa, a white, heterosexual male from Grand Rapids who became an anti-war activist in the 1960s and spent two years in prison for draft-evasion, edited this collection of first-person accounts of sexual abuse in Central America including Nicaragua and El Salvador. He hand-printed the newsletter using discarded mimeograph machines and paid for the mailing out of his own meager savings. He has continued to protest abuse by the system in Michigan last known protest being sleeping-in outside City Hall in 2006. Richa, who has been active in Grand Rapids neighborhood associations for many years, co-edits SPOON, a neighborhood newsletter, as an alternative to corporate-owned mass media.

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