Special Alert: February 15, 1975. Morty Manford.

Special Alert: February 15, 1975

New York: Self-published, 1975. Four 8.5x11 inch sheets printed recto-only, mimeographed, attached envelope.

Manford calls for a national organization of gay activists to respond to FBI harrassment in Hartford, CN and Lexington, KY in their effort to arrest Susan Saxe and Katherine Anne Power, two radical lesbians involved in a Boston bank robbery. Attached in a "Special Alert" on the case, a 2-page letter from Manford, and an application to join National Coalition of Gay Activists. Morty Manford was a gay activist at Columbia and co-founded one of the earliest campus gay-rights groups Gay People in 1968, and was present at the Stonewall Inn for the police riot there. He died of AIDS in 1992 as an assistant New York State attorney general.

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