[Eight different posters issued during first Gulf War]. "Arch D. Bunker"

[Eight different posters issued during first Gulf War]

[San Francisco]: [Processed World], [1990 - 1991]. Group of eight posters, 8.5x11 to 11x17 inches, designed by members of the Processed World group including Linda Wiens, Tom Athanasiou, Chris Carlsson and others, signed with the shared pseudonym Arch D. Bunker (Archie Bunker turned Arch-Debunker). Very good. Two of the posters are printed on varying colors of stock, so colors may be slightly different than in the photo on our website; we have several sets.

Titles present include "Give ? a chance," "New World Odor," "You are the target," "Volunteer army? Bring them home," "Is this an oil war?", "Danger: In case of enemy attack this is a chemical and biological hazard zone," "Work is hell, let's go to war" and "Is it war, or is it Memorex?" Extensive text, offering sardonic analysis of media manipulation delivered via the Processed World brand of deadpan humor. One features a Tom Tomorrow cartoon.

Cat.No: 183798

Price: $75.00