[Articles of Incorporation, promotional letter for the 1992 parade, and a related leaflet: three items]

San Francisco: New Stonewall Liberation Day, 1990-1992. The Artlcles are three pages, promotional letter is three pages, and the leaflet is a single 8.5x11 inch sheet printed one side with seven paragraphs of text.

Organized to promote an annual parade in the spirit of the Stonewall Riot (ie, an anti-assimilationist response to increasingly corporate Gay Pride festivals). The 1991 leaflet is on the travails of the new group after its 1990 incorporation; argues that "a few white assimilationist males" pulled strings at City Hall to prevent the group from being able to host large events. Accuses the former director of stealing the group's identity and organizing Pink Saturday. Calls on supporters to show up in festive costume at an Oversight Committee meeting to demand recognition. "Be there and be queer. Smash the gay mafia!"

Cat.No: 183654

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