Jack Baker comes out - for things that count! Jack Baker - MSA President [poster]

[Twin Cities campus, University of Minnesota]: [Baker campaign for Minnesota Students Association], [1971]. 8.5x14 inch poster with ironic photo of Baker holding an apple pie and a bible while standing next to a mom and a child. A close look will spot an ecological activist poster in the background. Faint crease in one corner, otherwise very good; photo by Paul R. Hagen.

Baker, a law student, won the election in what he hailed as a victory for "sophistication" among the student body. In 1970, Baker and his partner had applied for a marriage license in Minnesota, had been denied on grounds that two men could not marry, and challenged the decision in the courts with the result that they obtained the first known lawful same-sex marriage certificate in the United States in 1971, the same year as this election. Baker's campaign featured several humorous posters, another one of which can be seen on the Wikipedia page devoted to him.

Cat.No: 183626

Price: $75.00