Special examination and treatment request, homosexual discharge order and memorandum

[Oakland]: [US Navy Neuropsychiatric Service], 1951-52. Three documents paperclipped together. First item is a memorandum dated 4 September 1952 on onionskin paper from R.K. Adamson, Lt. jg NC USNR describing the case of a 22 year old man requesting treatment for overt homosexual acts and alcoholism listing 7 paragraphs of information and findings. Second item is an 8x5 inch card with 3 paragraphs of findings relating to discharge and disciplinary procedures for homosexual acts. The third item is an 8.5x11 inch sheet (copy) of a Special Examination and Treatment Request dated Nov. 30, 1951 with 4 paragraphs on the findings of the Chief Neuropsychiatrist, Captain J. F. McMullin.

The subject was a 22 year old male name * * Haley who had request treatment for alcohol abuse and homosexual acts (he usually engaged in passive fellation for drinks after becoming inebriated) He had served 4 years, re-upped for 6, married and had become disgusted with himself and sought treatment.

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