Steamboat Bill, Journal of The Steamship Historical Society of America. [six issues:] Number 192 Winter 1989 vol. XLVI no.4; Number 202 Summer 1992 vol. XLIX no.2; Number 210 Summer 1994 vol. LI no.2 ; Number 221 Spring 1997 vol. LIV no.1; Number 222 Summer 1997 vol. LIV no.2; Number 224 Winter 1997 vol. LIV no.4 [together as a small lot]

Providence RI: Steamship Historical Society, 1989-94. Magazine. Slick format, each about 70p. and printed on semigloss paperstick, b&w and (a few) color illustrations each. Softcover 11x8.5 inch magazines, staplebound into high-gloss cardstock color wraps; fine copies, one (the "Poster Issue") in original mailing envelope, all have publisher's ephemeral materials laid in. The 6 items sold as a lot.

Issue 202 "contains the most comprehensive history of the outstanding cabin liners, MANHATTAN and WASHINGTON, ever published. Like other American liners built under the provisions of the Jones-White Act in the early 1930's, they provided the passengers with amenities not equalled by their foreign competitors until after World War II."

Cat.No: 183222
ISBN: ISSN00390844

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