[Five documents relating to recruitment of college students from the Latino community in the Mission District]

San Francisco: the Marenco brothers, 1968. Five documents, all one or two 8.5x11 inch sheets, mild wear. Includes: "The College Commitment Program and the San Francisco UC Information Center in the Mission (A blue print for action) by Eduardo Marenco, two pages, outlining challenges faced by him and his brother as volunteer student counselors at Mission High School; a dittoed memorandum to the Community Service Projects Committee by Carlos Marenco describing ideas for the proposed UC Information Center, 2 pages, stapled to the previous document; a two-page carbon copy of a typed proposal for an experimental college for Latino students, focusing on teaching proper Spanish as well as cultural and political history; a one-page "Definition of what constittes a Latin American (Latino)", in two different versions, and a two-page "Proposal for expansion of college commitment program into the Mission area of San Francisco for establishment of the Mission College Recruitment Program" by Carlos Marenco.

An overview of the challenges and resources available to Latino students in the neighborhood in the late 1960s.

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