Wheat and Grapes with other spiritual communings. S N. D., Sister of Notre Dame.

Wheat and Grapes with other spiritual communings

San Jose: Notre Dame High School, 1930. 122p., paper vellum spine over printed paper boards, hardbound first edition in (pace slight cover soil) nice condition. A holograph note on the dedication page is unattributable. Item is currently is contained in a homemade hand-lettered paper dust jacket, easily jettisonable.

we take exception to the Nihil Obstat; but direct your attention to the bookmark laid in, a blank "Bank of Italy" clearing-house check, address quaintly rendered as "Market Street Branch, junction Market, Turk and Mason Sts." The B of I became (of course) Gianinni's "B of A"

Cat.No: 182991

Price: $20.00