[Packet of leaflets and brochures]

Mountain View, CA: PHASE, 1979, 1980. Group of documents with a cover letter, mostly 8.5x11 inch flyers or thin brochures, generally very good condition with the occasional fold crease.

PHASE addressed occupational health and safety issues in Silicon Valley. The items here include: Cover letter, six-panel introductory brochure, sheet listing the accomplishments of PHASE in the past year, sheet with relevant text from the state labor code, photocopied packet on how to file CAL/OSHA complaints, photocopied packet on determining the names of workplace chemicals, PHASE factsheets 1-4 on various chemicals used in the electronics industry, some repeated in Spanish versions, health and safety questionnaires in English and Spanish, a sign warning that "If you work in the electronics industry, your job may be making you sick," in both English and Spansh versions, with contact info; two photocopied news articles, issue 3 of ECOSH News, published by the Electronics Committee on Safety and Health, and three flyers issued by other groups.

Cat.No: 182988

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