Party Organizer. Vol. 6, no. 8/9 (Aug./Sept. 1933) [example used as evidence against Harry Bridges]

New York: Communist Party of the United States of America, 1933. 96p., original wraps mildly worn with a vertical crease, court rubberstamp and minor red pencil notations from use as evidence in the case against Harry Bridges in 1943. Passages underlined on page 24 highlight Communist focus on decisive industries, such as having members active at the ports in New York in the event of a war outbreak.

The D.O.J. conducted extensive research into the published writings of foreign-born labor leaders at this time in an effort to deport them, the most famous case being that of Harry Bridges. Agents were searching through publications such as this for passages that suggested nefarious plans, to use them as evidence against Bridges. This is noted as exhibit 126 for the prosecution.

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