Black Moses [poster]. Isaac Hayes.
Black Moses [poster]

Black Moses [poster]

Memphis: Enterprise Records;A Division of Stax Records, Inc. 1971. Diecut-decorated fold-out color cardstock poster consisting of six connected panels each 12.2 inches square, this having accompanied Hayes' Black Moses album: vinyl discs and supplementary sleeves are entirely lacking. Recto image shows Hayes in desert robe and sunglasses (die-cut) with arms outstretched, thus poster is four panels tall (over 4 feet) and three wide. Verso image: Hayes naked to waist wearing bling chains and shades (in register, matching Moses' eyewear) with biographical data printed black-letter. A damaged item, one of Moses' palms has been given stigmata with three slits, largest of which not quite two inches long, affects verso text. Many corners also pierced by thumbtack holes; as is, presentable. ENS - 5003 Stereo.

Double album released in 1971.

Cat.No: 182900

Price: $15.00