Action report. Vol. 1 no. 5. The White House conference: a circus in three acts without bread.

Washington DC: the Council, 1969. 50p., 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled at upper left corner, very good. Also included is a two-page statement excoriating Nixon for starving the poor.

Radical report by doctors, religious leaders and activists on hunger in America. "2,000 years ago, Emeror Nero kept the plebs content with a surfeit of bread and circuses. Two weeks ago, President Richard Nixon tried to appease the 25 to 30 million poor, hence hungry or malnourished Americans, with the same diet. There was one difference - he omitted the bread." Another edition of this report was issued as a stand-alone publication rather than as an issue of the Action Report; it was titled "Bread now!"

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