The GLC voice: The Minnesota newspaper with a Gay Liberation committment; vol. 2, #2 - issue #281, July 7 1980 - April 5, 1992 [broken run of 152 issues]

Minneapolis: The GLC Voice, 1980-1992. Newspaper. 152 issue broken run of the LGBT tabloid newspaper, various pagination, 11.25x16 inches, photos, drawings, ads, articles, very good on lightly-toned newsprint with faint fold marks, some mailing labels and stamps above masthead on several issues.

A regional LGBT paper from Minnesota whose motto became "Positively Gay Advocacy Journalism" The editor/publisher Tim Campbell was reviled by many in the LGBTQ activist community for his antics and abusive style. The editors and writers on Twin Cities Gaze clearly despised him stating in an above-the-fold commentary on the 1992 folding of GLC: "Good f*cking riddance!" Campbell died in Texas in 2016. Extensive coverage of AIDS/HIV, data on police blotters, Dan White decision, Man-Boy love, Knudsen murder trials etc. Includes issue #281, the final issue. Run includes: 2:2-4,14,17, 3:4,7, 4:2,5,6 & 24 (#80) At this point the volume number is dispensed with and issue numbers are listed beginning with: 83,87-98,100-111,113-127,129-132,134,135,141,144,145,150,154,156-174,177,178,180,184,186,188-190,192-197,199,200,202,203,205,209,212,215-230,233-237,240-242,244-246,250,251,253-257,262,263,265,268-273,275-281.

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