[Group of 27 four-panel exhibition brochures]

New York: E&J Frankel, 1979-1994. Twenty-seven brochures from the Madison Avenue art dealer, all 6x9 inches, black and white photos, identical vertical fold crease on each one (apparently folded for mailing). Each brochure is devoted to a theme, such as "Gentlemen prefer Bronze," "About face" (on masks), "Pipe dreams," "That's Imari," etc., with text briefly introducing the subject and its history with one or two illustrations of examples for sale. Includes several exhibitions by modern calligraphers and artists, including Wang Fangyu, Wang Qingli, and Xiao Kejia. We throw in an extra copy of "Enamored with Enamel."

Cat.No: 182826

Price: $25.00