Battle Hymn of '48, I've got a ballot; Great day and The same merry go round (two 6.5 inch records)

[Brooklyn]: People's Songs, [1948]. Audio 45rpm. Two 6.5 inch recordings on laminated illustrated cardboard released by People's Songs, unknown if they are still playable, in plain white original sleeve.

Four songs released in conjunction with Henry Wallace's campaign in 1948 (Great Day is illustrated with two photos of Wallace) sung by Michalel Loring, Paul Robeson and the Yankee Doodle Chorus. Especially entertaining and still relevant is the song The Same Old Merry Go Round with lyrices (written around the edge of the record) "The Donkey is Tired and Thin, The Elephant Thinks He'll Move In, they all yell and fuss, but they ain't foolin' us, 'cause they're brothers right under the skin!"

Cat.No: 182809

Price: $150.00