[Group of 36 internal documents from the editorial committee]

Durham, NC: Africa News Service, 1974-1982. Thirty six packets and handbills, including staff meeting minutes, minutes of retreats, correspondence, and materials introducing the service to media outlets. Includes a 1977 postcard from Gerald Dukuly, a radical Housatonic Community college student from Liberia jailed for a bank holdup, announcing that he had been released from prison. A Durham newspaper with an article about the Service is thrown in as well. Some items rather toned, faint tobacco scent.

A valuable resource for the early years of the publication, revealing the political aims and internal tensions that were hidden in the polished end product. A 1977 typewritten memo outlines Marxist-Leninist goals of one staff member, though not necessarily applicable to the entire editorial committee. Another memo about a member's change of name asks for the information, as well as the member's whereabouts, to be hidden from the public as well as from another member of the board (a note attached expresses doubt by another member that this can be kept secret long). The Service's detailed coverage of revolutionary movements in the chaotic 1970s and 1980s made subscribers of many activists, though it was intended to be a professional journalistic resource rather than an advocacy journal per se.

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