Common Sense, America's newspaper against Communism [12 different issues]

Union, NJ: Common Sense, 1963-1970. Twelve issues of the tabloid-format anti-Semitic and anti-Communist newspaper, generally four pages each, paper toned but otherwise generally very good; one issue rather edgeworn and another with anti-Semitic graffiti in red pen. Issues present, by year: 1963: 412. 1964: 440. 1965: 462. 1966: 465, 472, 474. 1968: 511, 524, 525. 1970: 558, 559, 564.

A sampling of various issues; includes coverage of UN conspiracy to form one-world government under Jewish domination, JFK as puppet of the conspiracy, Jewish writers and filmmakers in Hollywood peddling smut to contaminate Christian civilization, and other favorite tropes of the far right.

Cat.No: 182676

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