Los Angeles Free Press volume 3 issue #128, December 30, 1966. "Herald-Examiner's Christmas Gift: a Castrated Christ Child," "Santa Claus Arrested," "Governor: Must These Men Die?," "Dirksen Records His Pickled Tongue;" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1966. Newspaper. 16p., incomplete; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper, one section only of the two sections that were issued. Evenly toned, good copy. Note the dual pagination; later on, FP will appear almost always in two sections paginated continuously. Cover story on the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner's "California Living" supplement featuring a reproduction of a Veronese Holy Family, justaposed to "a detail from the painting as it appeared before the censors at H-E amended it." Yep; the little tyke's genital has gone missing. In another story, Santa was distributing anti-war balloons, and this year the cops waited to arrest him til streets were empty (having learned from last year's fiasco, when crowds objected).

The missing section, also a 16p. item, contained the death penalty article, and had a half-page of Frank Zappa on the Strip. Also lacking, the Ron Cobb cartoon, a tottering old 1966 encounters Grim Reaper 1967.

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