City Policemen's Union, 16,807 Fund solicitation card. 16 City Policemen's Union, 807.

City Policemen's Union, 16,807 Fund solicitation card

Boston: the Union, 1920. 5.5x3 inches, front side printed like a business card with directions and address for sending donation checks; the back has a penned note from Daniel J.A. Kelleher dated May 21 which says "Sir, If possible have your body give financial aid the fight is on 100%. Fraternally, Daniel J.A. Kelleher, Speaking Committee."

Boston police had gone on strike in late 1919 to demand recognition of their union; Massachusetts governor Calvin Coolidge attacked the strike as Lenin-inspired, newspapers carried sensationalistic reports of violence breaking out in un-policed streets, and the force was mostly fired and replaced with new hires. Coolidge's crackdown brought him recognition and helped him gain the Republican presidential nomination in 1920. This card reflects continuing efforts to organize after the crackdown. Kelleher is cited in labor publications of the time as traveling to speak at trade union events in search of allies and financial support.

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