Los Angeles Free Press volume 6 issue #253, May 23-30, 1969; "Reagan says it's OK to shoot. So... " "3 from Resistance invade center, napalm records," "truth committee releases conspiracy evidence," Leary free; Runs for Governor;" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1969. Newspaper. 56p., in two sections as customarily issued; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper. The paperstock is lightly toned, slight edge- and handling-wear, bears the original mailing label; a good copy. Mailed folded along the original horizontal foldline.

Large cover photo constitutes a Rodney King-police-violence record; taken from a second story window, clearly shows Alameda cop targeting a fleeing youth, parked cars measure the distance as "two car lengths," target fell with shotgun pellets in the back. Sheriff Madigan "defended the use of shotguns by the police because he had 'reason to believe that the radicals have developed an antidote for tear gas'. In another story, the RFK assassination, ten bullets were recovered on site from Sirhan's eight-shot pistol. The Leary story is a long interview. Find also a half-page total on Nam June Paik's video installation (3 photos).

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