Los Angeles Free Press volume 6 issue #244, March 21-27, 1969; "Is There More than One James Earl Ray? London publisher's findings point directly to conspiracy," "Another Panther shooting occurs at Carver meeting," "Garrison's closing argument at the Shaw trial," "The final days of Meher Baba," "[Mitch] Goodman, [Jerry] Rubin exchange letters;" [headlines]

Los Angeles Free Press, 1969. 48p., in two sections as customarily issued; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper. The paperstock is lightly toned, slight edge- and handling-wear, bears the original mailing label; a good copy. Mailed folded along the original horizontal foldline.

An exceptionally rich issue. As regards the "Carver meeting," Black Student Alliance calls an end to the citywide school boycott and Field Secretary Ronald Freeman is shot twice by skinheads while LAPD blocks streets, preventing pursuit. One and one half pages total, with 5 photos. The MLK assassination trial closes with Ray's protest to Percy Foreman plus the London findings. One and one half pages. "Garrison" runs one and one quarter pages with Art Kunkin's sidebar explanation how the closing statement was in two parts, Alcock's the longer (Garrison was ill; FYI, he never was really well again), and that Kunkin received the transcript with an excerpted cover note. Meher Baba (b. Merwan S. Irani) obit runs a full page. Rubin is a full page. Also find "Lincoln Heights Land Grab," a South Central story ("Civil servant silence," p.7)."Censorship Hits Smothers Brothers; Show will run without Joan Baez segments," pp.14, 21. "Pasadena [church] sanctuary triggers more action." Ralph Gleason on Lenny Bruce (fullpage, p.19). One half page on Jean Renoir's "Boudo," finally released for international distribution after 37 years in the can. Integration of TV's "Rascals" show. More.

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