Los Angeles Free Press volume 6 issue #241, February 28-March 6, 1969; "Up Against the Berkeley Wall," "State's case against Shaw remains strong," " 'Fuck' gets Panther 90 days;" [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1969. 36p., in two sections as customarily issued; 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper. The paperstock is lightly toned, slight edge- and handling-wear, bears the original mailing label; a good copy. Mailed folded along the original horizontal foldline.

Panther story: one "Michael Pennywell, 23, second in command of the Los Angeles Black Panther Party, was convicted in Municipal Court on Monday, Feb. 24, for allegedly using the words 'fuck' and 'motherfuck in a bar at 62nd and Western Ave, one night last month." We learn that "Pennywell's wife works at the bar and he goes there every night. He is friendly with the owner and other patrons. He was discussing the Panther's ten point program at the request of a patron and defining what a 'pig' was, when two black cops dressed in Levis entered the bar" etc.The time, by the way, was 1:15 a.m. // Berkeley story: police vs students, teargas, Ronald Reagan; by-lined Clay Geerdes.

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