Steering Committee meeting minutes, July 30, 31.

Chicago: NMC, 1969. 10p., 8.5x11 inch mimeographed sheets stapled at upper left, very good.

Minutes of the national-level meeting, listing 32 participants, with reports on activities around the country. Includes three pages discussing negotiations with SDS on preparing for the Days of Rage demonstrations in October. NMC representatives met with Bill Ayers, Cathy (sic) Boudin and Terry Robbins (ie, Weatherman faction leaders), who wanted the NMC to "submerge its own politics and defer to the 'advanced leadership' of the SDS and serve as a logistics support group to a national action completely programmed by SDS... without any right or opportunity to participate in the decisions concerning the form and content of the action on October 11, 1969." This was a no-go with New Mobe, which disagreed with the SDS interpretations of previous discussions (SDS thought New Mobe had endorsed their call to "Bring the war home"), but the minutes record a vote to endorse the Oct. 11 action and to continue outreach to the Back Panthers and Young Lords to see if a working coalition can be established on terms agreeable to all.

Cat.No: 181969

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