NCP Report. No. 22 (24 March 1947) A new report from San Francsco

New York: New Committee for Publications, 1947. 8p., 8.5x14 inch mimeographed sheets stapled at upper left corner, horizontal fold crease, otherwise very good.

Newsletter of the ex-CP group headed by Carolyn Burkhart. Much of this issue is about developments in the San Francisco branch of the Party, including its losses in union elections, role in maritime unions, its failure to demonstrate publicly when 217 Indonesian seamen who had applied for political asylum were shipped out from SF "directly into the hands of the Dutch imperialists," the formation of a SF Committee for Correspondence comprising expellees, and more. Notes that none of the CP members recently expelled "has goneTrotskyite, in fact, the Trotskyite press attacks all the expelled comrades, here and elsewhere, as bitterly as it does the official party. We are called Left Stalinists."

Cat.No: 181953

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