None of the above! [four issues of the newsletter]

San Francisco: NOTA, 1999-2000. Four issues of the irregular newsletter, 6 to 10 pages each, photocopied on 8.5x14 inch sheets, folded for mailing, address and canceled stamp on each issue. Issues present are Aug. and Sept./Nov.1999, January and Feb./March/April 2000.

"NOTA is a monthly newsletter devoted to exposing and exploring the local political machines, which are the indispensable basis of all state and national machines." Most prolific contributor is Gina Alvarez. This quote from Alvarez on herself: "We survivors of the hyper-evolutionary era of the 1960s are of roughly three kinds: those who had so much fun they died, those who had a little less fun and became investment bankers --- and those like me, for whom God's or Whatever's plan was that we must wander whiningly through life sniveling nearly incessantly about social justice or inner peace or, more likely, both, but doing next to nothing about either of the above."

Cat.No: 181908

Price: $20.00