Labor Vets Bulletin [six issues]

Chicago: Labor Veterans Group, American Veterans Committee, 1948-49. 6 issues of the mimeographed 8.5x11 inch newsletter; issues present are vol. 1 nos. 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8, and vol. 2 no. 3. Three to eight pages apiece; long edge tear on first issue.

While the AVC's newspaper acted as a pep sheet, "This letter goes to active, militant AVC'ers. It aims to discuss in the frankest possible manner the problems of AVC..." Edited by Saul Mendelson, affiliated with the Independent Progressive Caucus within AVC. Much discussion of declning membership, the push to expel Communist Party members in 1948, and the continuing precipitous decline after that. In June 1948 the bulletin calls for support of A. Philip Randolph's call to resist conscription into the Jim Crow Army. In September of that year the entire issue is devoted to the case of AVC member John Gates, investigated for CP membership, and the tangle of problems this brought for AVC. The 1949 issue, which discusses the national convention, notes that membership was down to 10,000 from 100,000 two years earlier. "Those persons who thought that once the stalinist threat was mastered the organization would witness a new growth have seen their hopes dashed during the past year."

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